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What's in a name?
If your family name is written in Arabic as above then no matter if you spell your name Soudah, Sudah, Souda or Sodah using Latin characters or if you belong to a Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant denomination, you are a descendant of one (or more) of nine men who were born in Rafidia (Palestine) at different points in time before the middle of the nineteenth century.

Why do we spell it Soudah?
Around 1850 only France and Britain had means to prove their presence in the area. So the Catholic institutions in the Holy Land received mainly French financing. France was quite rich and had a clear will to colonise whatever could be colonised at that time so there must have been some sort of official support too behind the catholic institutions. Thus we can imagine that the first Soudah boy to go to school was taught French and had his name written as Soudah which is a specifically French spelling.  Could that boy be As’ad (Felix) Soudah (52), born in 1851 and who was ordained priest on September 22nd 1877.  This probably explains why most of the Soudahs, until this day, spell their name as they do. The “Sudah” spelling would have been more appropriate in any other Western language.


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